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High Energy Physics: Researchers at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research are investigating neutron capture transmutation processes. The resolution of this experiment is dependant upon the resolution of the neutron energies that can be observed. Using a novel experimental arrangement, and a bank of 64 Acqiris digitizer acquisition channels, the researchers have pushed the limits of previous experiments to observe the neutron interactions with more detail, greater accuracy and over a greater energy range.

Radar and Lidar: An advanced surface-movement radar (ASMR) capable of locating objects as small as 1 m2 identifies and tracks all airport ground traffic and automatically alerts controllers to potentially hazardous situations. The system calls for high reliability, high signal-conversion fidelity, and high throughput. At the heart of the ASMR is an Acqiris PCI-format digitizer card.

PXI Test Bench: Widely used in various test benches and/or control systems, Adlink products can be used to build the best solution to fit customers needs. Test benches for motors, control of cryogenics for superconductor magnets used to drive particles into large accelerators, aerospatial applications, etc. VME Systems For Vehicle Development: Automobiles are becoming increasingly sensitive: Today if you drive off in your new Series 5 BMW with automatic transmission, within a few minutes the car works out what mood you are in. It then tunes its engine and gear management to your individual style of driving, whether you are in the mood for a sedate, comfortable ride or out for speed, by adjusting the rate of fuel injection as well as adapting its gear switching.Such individual adjustments have finally become possible thanks to microprocessor technology. The use of semiconductors in control devices has forced the implementation of more and more complex control functions and algorithms, such as parameter fields to control petrol and Diesel injection, adaptable Lambda and knock control, anti blocking and sliding systems and adaptable drive programs for automatic gears. The VME system is used during developpement and can be tailored to act as an individual measurement system with various interfaces.