Extension Systems Use your laptop or your desktop computer and add an extension box to plug your powerful PCI express or PCI cards. Extension boxes are widely used to connect old cards on new computer, large cards on laptops or new cards on old computers. Music recording, inter-bank data exchange and data acquisition are the most common applications
CompactPCI, VME, VXI, PXI, LXI Need several channels with oscilloscope performances, less power and better integration? A cPCI modular scope, a software and a processor board. This powerfull acquisition system can be used where the scopes aren ’t sufficient. When the power, the size, a small and/or a large number of channels are important parameters. A wide range of IOs including generators, power supplies and TDCs are available for industrial and Research applications.
Processors We propose a wide range of processor boards, Intel or PowerPC based. Format factors include cPCI 3U/6U,single boards, and more. Wireless, GPS, Ethernet switch and more can be integrated in PMC/XMC format or cPCI for a well integrated tailored test or embedded system.
PCI, PCI express Just plug the PCI / PCIe card in your desktop or in an extension box and start acquiring, generating or controlling your actuators through the wide range of IOs available. For OEM, industrial and research application, we propose a full-range of control, test and measurement products from standard automation board to GS/s data acquisition/ generation. [more...]
Digital Signal Processing Analysers, DSP based SBC MagentaSys offers a large choice of boards (SBC, PXI, PCI, cPCI and PMC/XMC) with huge processing capabilities. Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA and Texas Instrument DSP are open to customer application. Coupled to a wide range of ADCs and DACs, these boards are especially well suited for sonar, lidar, TOF mass spectrometry, communication and radar applications.