Magma is the leading provider of PCI and PCI Express Expansion solution for several industries. Manufactured and sold out of San Diego, California, MAGMA provides innovative, high-tech expansion solutions to major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), resellers and end-users in more than 45 countries. In addition to a broad portfolio of expansion and connectivity related patents, MAGMA's solutions include: PCI Express Expansion, PCI & PCI-X Expansion, OEM Board-Sets & Upgrades.

MEN is a 175 employees company and has its own subsidiaries in France and the USA with an export share of 50%. Customized solutions generate more than half of the revenue. In addition the standard product range includes far more than 100 different computer boards based on PowerPC and Intel Pentium and multi-core processors with the corresponding BIOS, BSP and driver software, as well as manifold I/O boards and completely configured systems. The consistent use of FPGA technology gives a high flexibility when configuring customized and standard products.

Spectrum: Designing and manufacturing High-resolution Digitizers, Waveform and Patterns Generators from more than 15 years, Spectrum has proven his capability to produce highly reliable products with an excellent quality and reputation. The wide range of products in PCI and cPCI products places Spectrum has an excellent complement to Agilent and ZTEC when resolution is more important than sampling rate.


Agilent Technologies (acqiris): With a focus on technological innovation, and having pioneered a number of breakthroughs in device size, power consumption, measurement fidelity and data throughput, Agilent (Acqiris) is leading the way in high-speed digitizer and analyzer products for systems used in industries as wide spread as synthetic instrumentation, airport radar, and particle accelerator experiments.

Adlink Test and measurement products are designed to enhance productivity and provide a competitive edge to clients. The products range from relay controls to high-speed signal capturing equipement helps Magentasys to provide complete Test & Measure solutions to our customers.  
Innovative-Integration: Whether you are seeking a simple DSP development platform or a complex, multiprocessor, multichannel data acquisition system, Innovative Integration has the solution. To enhance your productivity, II hardware products are supported by comprehensive software libraries and device drivers providing optimal performance and maximum portability